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Car wash constructions

Select a construction model to see a visualisation and sample projects.

BRONZE is the basic model of the Euro-Ekol car wash construction.

The SILVER construction is additionally equipped with column casings.

The GOLD construction is additionally equipped with LED lighting.

The GOLD PREMIUM construction has wide, colour-changing RGB LED strips.

The PIANO construction was awarded the Gold Medal of Poznań International Fair in 2018.

The NEW DESIGN construction is a completely new model.

We also build non-standard car wash constructions in existing buildings, as well as structures with gable roofs prepared for the installation of photovoltaic panels.

Thanks to our own production plant, we build not only perfect car washes but also their constructions. Our standard is an arched polycarbonate roof that gives plenty of light at the washing bays. We also make flat roofs, single or multi-pitched roofs and the so-called butterfly roofs.

Our constructions are complete, equipped with both lighting and advertising banners, which, just like the attic, are color-matched to the client’s needs with an LED channel along the outline of the construction which is its great advantage after dark.

The attic we offer investors is made of high-quality laminate or Dibond boards – both of which are weatherproof, do not discolour and look very aesthetically pleasing. Among the various roof configurations, we offer open-air bay for washing taller vehicles and platforms for easier washing.

The Piano construction was awarded the Gold Medal of Poznań International Fair in 2018. Its attic is made of aluminium and Dibond boards with a remarkable design and functionality.