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Car wash modernisation

Car wash modernisation pays off!

Thanks to modernisation, your car wash will gain a new impressive look and new functions, which will attract more customers. It will also reduce the operating costs of your car wash and thus increase your monthly profits!

Draw your customers' attention!

A new car wash construction will help attract the attention of your customers and encourage them to use your services.

The constructions we offer are characterised by their original, eye-catching design, functionality and quality.

They are additionally equipped with informative and advertising banners as well as a customised RGB LED lighting system, providing the car wash with perfect visibility also after dark.

Enrich your offer and the comfort of using your car wash!

Your customers will appreciate the comfort of using the car wash as well as the convenience of payments. They will also be happy to take advantage of the additional features you have to offer. Thanks to this, they will visit your car wash more often and, in addition, start recommending it to their friends.

Upgrading your car wash is a great opportunity to enhance it with additional equipment such as:

  • contactless payments
  • changer
  • coin dispenser
  • compressor
  • vacuum cleaner
  • EURO-DRY – synthetic chamois leather vending machine

Reduce operating costs!

The solutions we design will reduce the monthly operating costs of your car wash while increasing its profit.

We install heat pumps that can reduce gas or fuel oil bills to zero.
The innovative water recovery system based on the reverse osmosis process allows water savings at a level of 35%.

Washing based on liquid detergents not only is more effective but also reduces energy costs, as it is not necessary to heat them to 60 degrees.

Provide your customers with the highest washing quality!

Car wash modernisation will provide your customers with the highest quality and efficiency of washing.
The system we install uses softened water for all washing programmes, which prevents water spots on car exterior surfaces. Moreover, the wide range of innovative and extremely effective washing programmes we offer will satisfy even the most demanding customers and distinguish your car wash from the competition.

Foam washing





Brush washing

Turbo brush

Turbo foam

We will be happy to advise you!

Call or email us, and we will advise you how your car wash can attract more customers, reduce costs and increase your profits by modernisation.

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