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Innovative washing technology

Types of car washes

Depending on the needs and conditions, our washing technology can be built up in several different ways – in a container, in a module or in the client’s existing building.

Container car washes

The container is ideally suited as a storage room of the car wash, as it can accommodate a large stock of detergents and accessories necessary in any facility. The car wash can also be equipped with a larger container that offers social facilities. We process orders in any colour and cubic capacity.

A complete washing technology, a water treatment system and a dual-function heating furnace with a stainless steel chimney system and an efficient ventilation system are installed in the container. The container is also equipped with complete electric switchgear and lighting system.

Modular car washes

For smaller plots, we recommend a modular car wash with 3 bays at maximum.

The technical module of the car wash is made in steel technology, entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel. It is equipped with the same complete washing technology and accessories as the container. All modules are made in our production plant. You can select any colour for this type of car wash as well.

Technology in client's building

If the client wishes to allocate space for the machine room, the washing technology can be installed on a prefabricated frame.

Euro-One one-bay car wash

The Euro-One car wash is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. During its development, we focused on simplifying the design, which translates into easy servicing and above-average durability. The well-thought-out design and appropriately adjusted water pressure allow dirt to be removed from hard-to-reach areas with minimal effort. Washing programmes can be tailored to individual needs.

Thoughtful solutions

  • we use softened water for all washing programmes, which prevents water spots on car exterior surfaces
  • liquid detergents provide better washing effect, lower ecological footprint of the car wash (no phosphates) and economy – heating the water to 60 degrees is not necessary
  • powerful, non-overloaded pumps operating at 60% of their capacity (approx. 130 bar) guarantee a long and failure-free performance
  • the Dosatron pressure mixers we use are a reliable, extremely precise detergent dosing system


Car washes manufactured in our production plant are equipped with accessories and components from renowned suppliers from all over Europe, thanks to which they meet the highest standards for this type of equipment and comply with the latest trends.

Foam washing




Provide your customers with the highest washing quality!

As standard, our car washes are equipped with 4 basic washing programmes – Foam washing, Rinsing, Waxing and Polishing. However, it is also worth investing in additional programs that help attract customers and get them used to the highest quality of washing, making it more difficult for possible competitors to enter the market.


Brush washing

Turbo Brush

Turbo Foam

Starting systems

All of our starting systems feature stainless steel casings, durable, waterproof, LED backlit buttons, large, readable four-segment displays showing the purchased washing time.


Our flagship starting system, protected by patent law, is equipped with a large LED screen and integrated key reader on a front coin acceptor panel.

The advantage is the ability to pay for the washing service with banknotes, coins and using optional PayPass payment system, which increases the turnover generated by the bay by up to 35%. SWR gives the change in coins when the washing process is completed.

In comparison to competing solutions, SWR is better protected against vandals and thieves – access authorisation is done using a RFID chip.

Investor’s support has been largely simplified and its functionality has been enhanced thanks to a two-way communication system controlling the car wash – you can check the turnover, SWR parameters and make payments.


The casing of EKO+ starting system is made of stainless steel and secured against unauthorised access. In the basic version, the EKO+ starting system is equipped with a coin and token acceptor. It can be extended by:

  • Euro-Ekol key reader
  • PayPass card reader

Loyalty payment systems

The starting systems used in our car washes are by default equipped with Euro-Ekol Key loyalty cashless payment systems. It includes keys, key readers, a mobile key charger and Internet app for management and control. Cashless payment systems allow you to conduct various marketing and advertising activities, as well as serving fleet customers.

Pre-paid keys

Mobile key charger


Mobile management system

An in-house developed control application written by our company’s IT department is responsible for communication between the car wash and the investor. It enables full control over the car wash processes from a smartphone or a tablet (Android/iOS/WP). Thanks to innovative solutions, the user can change the parameters of the car wash simply and intuitively, read out errors and notifications, as well as the working time of pressure pumps for lances and brushes between their inspections, and check the amount of turnover at individual washing bays.

Innovative washing technology - water recovery system

Our company was the first in Europe to use a water-saving system in touchless car washes, which was developed by the scientists of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin.

The aforementioned system makes it possible to use water created as a result of rinsing an osmotic membrane that contains a significant amount of minerals undesirable in the vehicle washing cycle. As a result, the recovered water undergoes a filtration process to be used in further stages of car washing. In washing machines of other manufacturers, that water is treated as waste and discharged into the sewer system.

The implementation of the product innovation in combination with the process technological innovation allows water savings of 35%. Due to global warming, water scarcity is to be expected, which will therefore make it easier for our clients to successfully apply for EU funding to finance such an innovative investment.

ECO-logy means ECO-nomy

We put great importance to ecological solutions, both for the sake of the natural environment and the current costs of maintaining a car wash. See for yourself that ECO-logy means ECO-nomy.

-36% Water

Thanks to modern high-pressure pomps we have managed to reduce water use while maintaining high pressure which guarantees perfect washing quality.

-26% Electricity

High-pressure pomps are powered by modern, high-efficiency three-phase motors of a well-known European manufacturer, helping to save energy.

100% Biodegradation

The detergents used in our car washes do not contain phosphates, NTA salts, solvents, petroleum oils or silicones. The biologically active agent we use is Alkyl polyglycosides (APGs) which are 100% biodegradable.

-17% Noise

Thanks to the use of special soundproofing materials, we have reduced the level of vibration and noise generated during car wash operation.

-75% Emissions

Euro-Ekol washing technology is based on liquid detergents and it can operate without hot water for most of the year (unlike powder wash). In addition, pre-mix gas burners used in ACV boilers with a wide modulation range and low CO and NOx emissions adjust the power to the current demand automatically.

-35°C Low temperature resistance

Euro-Ekol car wash can operate even in the temperature -35°C (-31°F). This is possible thanks to the use of a closed-circuit well device, a loop with glycol for heating, and an emergency system for reheating the pipes with hot water from the boiler. Special electromagnetic valves prevent the car wash from freezing in case of power shortage.